An End to 5 Weeks in Belgium 

It’s been an enjoyable trip to Belgium. It’s been by far my longest run of tournaments that I’ve done. 5 weeks spent competing in the ‘Tour of Belgium’ futures events have come and gone surprisingly quickly. I’ve spent over a month in Belgium and my French and Dutch could still be rivalled by a Belgian toddler- but I’ve tried. Haha

In my previous blog, I made it as far as week 3, having won the doubles event in Eupen, and having enjoyed being in the company of my family and friends. In the third week, I continued my doubles form, reaching the final once more, however, this time with partner Toby Martin. The final was a nightmare…nothing went our way! Playing indoors due to atrocious weather, we managed to lose 6 sudden death deuces, be on the receiving end of numerous vile net cords and even managed to get tagged a couple times by our opponents. On one occasion, not even during point!

Thankfully I had my first Belgian waffle the following day, which played it’s part in cheering me up! Isn’t that what junk food was made for? Comfort…


Before leaving for the next event, I spent the last day with my family before they returned to the UK. I taught them a lesson on the crazy golf course, enjoyed a little dip in the ‘not so warm’ sea and then got treated to a fabulous meal of mussels.

My penultimate week began with an interesting singles win. After being a set and 3-0 down, I eventually ran away with it, 3-6 6-3 6-3. Being back down in the south near Liège, I didn’t have the luxury of staying in my family friends apartment, so it was back to camping and barbecuing. I lost in the second round of singles and in the final of doubles again with Toby. I thoroughly enjoyed the week, having done well in the doubles once again, also I had the opportunity to read a couple interesting books.

The last week of a lengthy trip can be tough, especially a non stop one like I had. And so it proved to be, losing for a 4th and 5th time to Vliegen in the singles and doubles. Yes, I played him 6 times in 5 weeks. I only got the better of him on the one occasion in the doubles final in Eupen. Damn you if you’re reading!
Overall, it’s been a great trip in that I’ve learnt a lot and have made some amazing friends and memories. I’ve even picked up a couple watches as prizes for my doubles finals. I’m now exited to come back the UK and make plans to progress over the next 12 months.


The Journey Continues…

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