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First of all, I'd like to thank all those listed above who have already donated.  I can't thank you enough for all the help and support that you've given me to continue climbing the rankings and pushing for my dreams.  Without you, the journey would be a whole lot tougher.  

As you can imagine, tennis isn't the easiest of sports in which to make a living.  We don't get the luxury of being given saleries like footballers, or any other teams sports for that matter...and there are lots of expenses; coaching, travel, equipment, accommodation and food (just to name a few).  As a tennis player, I play for an income on a weekly basis.

Unfortunately, tennis is brutal in that only the top 200 players in the world make a living from the sport.  That being said, I truly believe that I can make it to the top and play the sport that I love at the top level.  It may just take a couple years!

So over the next couple years, until I can be self-sufficient, it would be amazing to get some support to help me on my way.    

Evan Hoyt prepares for a forehand

And it doesn't just have to be financial support.  One cool way in which a supporter helped me in the past was by allowing me to stay in their apartment for a series of 5 tournaments in Belgium.  That alone saved me a £1ooo in accommodation costs, plus savings on food expenses since I was able to cook many of my meals rather than eating out.

So by all means, be creative and think outside the box! Send me a message through social media or on my contact page if you have any ideas of ways to help.  Corporate sponsors are by all means also welcome...likewise, send me a message on my contact page to discuss sponsorship.

If you do want to send me a donation to help me on my journey, just click the donate button below. 

Thanks ever so much!

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