The VICIOUS circle of MONEY in tennis

Money problems in tennis SUCK!  If only my dad could give me a “small loan of a million dollars” things would be a lot easier. 

It’s an endless circle.

It’s a question of investing in your tennis until you’re at the stage where you’re earning enough through prize money and sponsorship deals to be self-sufficient. 

But how is this possible?

All the money is at the top of the game- yet in order to reach the top of the game you need to invest in proper practice and a complete tournament schedule.

You could have all the potential and talent in the world, yet without the ability to practice properly and afford to travel 25 weeks per year, what chance do you have?

Sure, you can still get on court and practice without much money, but how good is your training programme likely to be?

You can’t afford the number of hours you want to do with a coach, therefore the rate of improvement drops and you begin to fall behind. 

You can’t afford to see the physio for frequent treatment, therefore you end up getting injured often. 

You can’t afford to work with a fitness coach that will get you to where you need to be physically, therefore you suffer on court and get injured. 

You definitely can’t afford to travel with a coach…and name me one player who has made it to tour level by travelling alone everywhere?

I’m certainly guilty of cutting corners when it comes to all of these aspects.  I can’t play as much as I need to with a coach, I don’t see physio’s as frequently as I should, some areas of fitness are tough to do alone, and I never travel with a coach- I just CAN’T AFFORD it. 

WITHOUT MONEY, you can’t stay fit and play a full tournament schedule to stand the chance of doing well and picking up sponsors. 

It’s ironic- when you need money the most, it’s not there and when you need money the least (because you’re doing well and earn through prize money), it floods in through sponsorship deals. 

I understand that on rare occasions you can get lucky with a sponsor, or results come from nowhere and you get funding and support (maybe from daddy)- but the odds are, if you can’t afford to do things correctly, then you won’t get the results that you need.  A TRULY VICIOUS CIRLCE. 

If you have any SUGGESTIONS or SOLUTIONS to this problem, I’d love to hear your ideas.  Just leave a comment below, or tweet me!


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